Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hike List 2003

30 Mar Tiger Mtn 1,2,3 alone
05 Apr Mt. St Helens with Roger
13 April Squak Mtn with Clark
22 May Mt. Dickerman with Roger and Matt
24 May Mt. Si alone
04 Jul Granite Mountain with Roger
17 Jul Kendall Catwalk With Weinberg group
19 Jul Snow Lake BD Group Bruce, Brenda, Susan
26 Jul Mt Adams with Roger
02 Aug Mt Rainier Burroughs 1, 2 with Bob Lopes
03 Aug Mt Rainier Burroughs 1, 2, 3 alone
11 Aug Mt. St Helens with Kevin and Norm
04 Sep Granite Mountain with Roger
06 Sep Park Butte and Railroad Grade BD Group
07 Sep Big Quilcene Marmot Pass Dungeness with Kevin J
27 Sep Mount Margaret BD Group
15 Nov Granite Mountain with Kevin H, Sarah, Kevin J, Charlie B, Jo M, John P

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